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2011-01-30 01:02 pm
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Thank you, body.

I wasn't expecting to get much sleep last night, because I usually can't sleep after game, but I actually went to sleep pretty quickly after going to bed at 2:30 or so, and I didn't wake up until seven-and-a-bit.  Aside from the first session of Dark Heresy I think this is the most sleep I've gotten on a game night. 

Amusingly enough, I dreamed that I stayed up all night after game, although it was hanging out with people rather than lying awake with my brain spinning, and then we all went to Chase-Duckett for breakfast.  Then I had to do my laundry by putting it in a big wooden tub with an oar-thing to stir with, and someone wanted me to play sudoku on the computer, which they had set up to project onto the wall.  I was busy with my laundry, though, so I had to call out to them which numbers to put where, and they kept getting it wrong. 

Also:  MAGICAL LARPERS.  Words cannot express how much awesome this is.