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"I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience my murderous rampage may have caused."

There's a reason I went with one of the standard quotes from the game, and it's because Cass is the hardest of my characters to get a handle on. This was partly intentional, partly unexpected.

I was originally going to play her as alt!Cassie, because I was fed up with trying to come up with meaningful names that fit the universe. There was even a quest in the starting area that mentioned something like "survivors of Gnomeregan often have amnesia", which made her even closer to original!Cassie than I'd intended. The problem with this plan is that Cassie pretty much defines herself around her friends. So without anyone to interact with, Cassinka was left with nothing but "building things". Which isn't enough to keep me interested through kill-a-wolf kill-a-wolf ooh-a-copper-vein kill-a-wolf for very long.

For a while, I considered making her evil!Cassie instead, especially after reading Mekkatorque's leader story- maybe she'd gone mad living off radroaches in the dark tunnels and completely stopped caring. About other gnomes, about anything, except maybe building things and/or blowing things up. It suited her as a rogue, since after level 5 you're mostly getting quests from dwarves*- she could be a freelance mercenary, taking jobs from anyone and not asking questions. Even that didn't particularly hold my interest, though, for all that the "evil little doll" archetype is a lot of fun.

Obviously, went with mining and engineering for professions- I was really happy when I finally got to make her some goggles. Although I think at this point, every character aside from my baby tauren has gotten Schematic: Mechanical Squirrel Box... except the engineer. Of course. And I can't use the mail system because I'm still on starter edition. Theme song is Spark of Creation from Children of Eden for normal!Cassie, Breakable by Ingrid Michaelson for evil!Cassie.

*As a side note, what's going on with that? Every other race I've played has their own space up to at least level 10, and as far as I know, gnomes and worgen are the only races without a capital city. Worgen at least get a super-cool starting area... I feel like gnomes are the forgotten poor cousins of the dwarves.


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