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So, I finally got my first REU application in... three minutes before the deadline. Anyone sane would be asleep right now. Instead, I'm going to post about World of Warcraft.

So, the more I read about Jaina Proudmoore, the more fascinated I am.

Duty first. Grief second. Self-pity never.

Mrr. I just had a great idea for a human priest who'd been Sagittula's sister back when she was still alive and a paladin, and said the name Aurelia was free on Proudmoore, so I went to try and make the character before someone took it. It's apparently unavailable anyway. Mrr. I forgot they don't list characters below level 10. Guess I'll figure out another name later.

Okay, she's Aurelinna now. That's better anyway- it fits with the diminutive pattern and it's not already the name of someone I know. (Yes, [ profile] rockychristine, I now have more Alliance characters than Horde. I've fallen to the... erm... light side.)

Anyway, Jaina Proudmoore. Right.

I think what I admire most about her is that she doesn't let her emotions interfere with her responsibility to her people, even though she obviously has them. Er, emotions, not responsibility. Or people. Okay, I should stop rambling, because it was 12:30 when I started this post but it'll be 2 am before I finish it at this rate, and I really do need to sleep.

One thing, though:

This video.

I know people make fun of Taylor Swift a lot, but she's my new "mental playby" for Jaina Proudmoore. Look at 3:04 and at this picture. They're the same person. Also, [ profile] honorh refers to this song as a "death lullaby", and I think she's right on the money. Because if you just look at the lyrics, it seems reassuring, but then when you listen to the song itself, it's obvious: she's lying. Whoever she's singing to is going to die before sunrise and there's nothing she can do about it but try to make them a little more comfortable.

I thought at first this was related to the "responsibilities of command", and especially the lines "Don't you dare look out your window darling; / Everything's on fire / The war outside our door keeps raging on" seemed to me completely fitting for her trying desperately to bring peace. On the other hand, the song itself is kind of quiet and wimpy, and now that Aurelinna's in my head this is definitely her theme song instead.

Also, [ profile] cutlacesoflife? If you ever do decide to cosplay Sylvanas, even if it's a few years from now? Let me know, preferably like a month in advance. Because I will make a Jaina Proudmoore costume and go with you. And we can make out in public I mean, what? *innocent face*


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