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Dear Rozer and Jeremy and Verity and Deadeye and Mimi,


We found the BEST PLACE EVER!!!  There’s a hedge door in Luck’E Steev’s ball pit, and when you go through it you get to this awesome bit of the Hedge where there’s climbing trees and cupcakes and hills to roll down and it’s SO SAFE there you wouldn’t believe!  Only this one boy wouldn’t let Birdy and me build a treehouse, because he said he’d been there first and so he was in charge, even though everybody said they’d always been there.  Also his name is Sid, and he won’t let grownups in, or even anyone who’s too much older than him, which is really sad cause once you stay there you won’t ever want to leave, which means we couldn’t ever see you or Amanda or Frances or George or any of our grownup friends again.  Andi used to live there, though, and she lives in the real world now, so I don’t know how that works.  He said we could go say goodbye to people, though, and Goblin Market happened while we were there, so we went there, but Rita and Adwian stayed behind cause they were having too much fun. 

I didn’t buy anything at Goblin Market like usual, but Inana was there and she hugged the new person who looks like a tree and says things after people instead of saying her own things.  People were calling her Name for a while but now I think most people are calling her Echo.  After Goblin Market we went to the place that isn’t the coffeeshop anymore to say goodbye to Bill.  Victor Bosch was very confused as to why we wanted to talk to the coatrack, but then when Birdy took the screw out and Bill said hello he just got sadder.  Apparently Bill’s been eating Katya’s yogurt. 

Also before that there were FBI people asking if we knew anything about people getting killed, and Rita called me and Gliss because there was a dead boy on our doorstep.  He had “return to sender” and “prettier” written on him in knife, and I’m worried it might have something to do with Pepper because he didn’t have any hair.  After we got there the FBI got there, and they called the police, so we’re all staying with other people now because the house is a crime scene and we can’t use the front door.  Except Skulk because Skulk is dead.  I think.  She got shot at by someone with cold iron bullets, and lit on fire, and then he left so I put out the fire, but then Amanda shot her because she was going to tell him where the rest of us were, and then there were police sirens so we all ran away. 

Later he came back, so we all left and went to Recent Relics, but Morrigan stayed behind to talk to him and we were all really worried but she didn’t listen.  It’s okay, though, she’s not any deader than she already was.  We can’t call her now, though, because Birdy gave her phone number to the Duchess so Morrigan’s not using her phone anymore and she said she wasn’t going to get a new one, so the Duchess couldn’t call her.  Morrigan’s worried the Duchess will try to kidnap her and experiment on her or stuff, cause she’s working with the NSA, and I think she’s probably right.  She came by earlier, looking for Morrigan, and also we’re all in trouble for being too obvious.  She said we’re getting noticed and that makes life harder for the rest of everybody.  She also wanted to talk to Birdy, so Gliss and I went with her so Birdy wouldn’t be alone, and she said we should overthrow Sam because it’s his job to clean up after us and he’s not doing it.  Birdy didn’t like that idea though, because she doesn’t want someone in charge of us, especially the NSA, and I agree because if we got rid of Sam they might give us someone like Nemi instead, which would be a lot worse. 

Also we ran into Doctor Wimbleton and Red Dead Head Fred or whatever his name is, who were fighting some Nambles.  They're recruiting help in superheroing, and Doctor Wimbleton said she built her freeze ray herself!  I kind of wish I could stay and help, but we're going back to the Hedge once we get done fixing things out here.  I don't think Sid would let you in, Rozer, but I bet Verity and Deadeye could come, and definitely Jeremy and Mimi, so if they want, they can come back and come with us when we go and find the awesome place again. 

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